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Welcome to my studio

Call me a fickle bitch but sometimes I just need a fresh start. 2020 has been a heavy mother to contend with and I’ve been thinking for a while about ‘re-branding’ – complete with fresh new content. Not that things will be that different round here, the voice will still be the same, even if the surroundings are slightly different.

I’ve been inspired by my eternal love for a certain horror trope, one I’ve spoken about in a previous guise. When I thought long and hard about what I wanted for my new identity, it was kind of a no brainer. While I may be sinking into the sofa in front of Netflix as we speak, when I picture myself writing, I’m cosily ensconced in a lighthouse atop a craggy cliff while mayhem reigns down on the small town beneath me. You’ve seen The Fog (1980), right?

So consider me a part-time late night lady DJ cum writer who definitely doesn’t have a day job in Customer Services to make ends meet.

Who knows where this adventure will take us?

Featured image by Casey Horner on Unsplash

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