Lockdown with a vengeance

How’s everyone doing? If you’re in the UK, then you’re currently with me in the middle of our third national lockdown. If you’re elsewhere in the world, well I’m guessing things aren’t much better. Unless you live in the Cook islands or one of the very few places to receive a visit from Aunt Corona.

I think I’m numbed to it all at the moment. I’ve been taking a head in the sand approach which might not be healthy, but is working. Every day is Groundhog Day but it’s comfortable enough. I’m happy to stay home and not see people – there are ways to stay in touch and as long as I’m not invited to too many Zoom quizzes – I can dig it. For real, are Zoom quizzes not the absolute worst? Apart from the Evolution of Horror one which is amazing – I immediately get stressed out as soon as that email invite drops.

This evening I accidentally caught the end of Boris’ live COVID update and it immediately sent me spiraling downwards. I hate the way our government talks about the death rates, like none of those lives matter. All announcements are weak as fuck and are peppered with ‘probably’, ‘hopefully’ and ‘maybe’. I don’t understand why it washes that they don’t have a fucking clue. They talk about how clear their instruction is but if I were expected to sit an exam on current restrictions, I’d flunk horribly.

I also hate that everything they say is framed around the general public, like all these rates are our fault. It scares me that the one body we should be able to rely on when the chips are down are just a bunch of bumbling children who simply don’t give a fuck about the little people, just themselves and their mates.

I’m not majorly into politics and I won’t be discussing it much round these parts – but it’s impossible not to hang your head at the mere thought of it. Still at least one hateful tyrant has been toppled – and the US’ first female vice president has taken her rightful place. A woman of colour, no less. I keep thinking about the image of Michelle Obama clocking Kamala Harris on inauguration day and it makes me LIVE.

So there is hope but my god sometimes it’s hard to see it. All we can do is keep on trucking, one day at a time™.

In the meantime, I’ll be here and there, using this blog as a space to work things out. I’ll also keep talking about the films and books I’ve enjoyed. I’m doing an exciting horror movie challenge which I’ll tell you about soon. Anything just to nourish my fragile mental health. Still, we all feel it, don’t we?

I want to know how you all are?

Featured image by Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

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