Gone witchin’

One thing I’ve really noticed since the first lockdown – and moving to a home I love – is the fact that dust is a serious thing. I knew it was real but how does it gather so quickly? I actually dust my books and surfaces now (some of them) and it feels like I’m in a constant war with those stupid motes. I dust my Stephen King collection one weekend and by the next, it’s time to do them again. How is that fair or right? THE AUDACITY.

That’s the delightful lead into today’s post. The dust is the reason I realised I’d been slipping majorly in the Wiccan sense for some time. As I moved all my crystals, candles and crystal ball off the altar to wipe underneath them, it hit me I’d paid them all little mind since before Christmas.

Which is sad but also got me thinking about modern witchcraft and the fact that, even if we’re not casting spells all the time, we’re still living the Wiccan life. I know I’m still honouring the goddess by living true to our principles and that’s enough for me. 

Modern Wicca as I choose to see it, is something that can be tailored to suit and while there are teachings for days, witches only have to practice the parts that really ring true to them. To me being a witch is also about keeping an open mind and respecting that some witches might believe slightly different things to me or live by stricter redes. I’m still a baby when it comes to all this, a true beginner who hasn’t even scratched the surface yet and I love that.

And I think it’s totally fine I’m not bathing naked in the moonlight every month. I’m still getting to grips with karma, kindness and appreciating all that Mother Nature has given us. Harder to do when you’ve developed mild agoraphobia but we move. 

Tayce, Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK, season 2

Kindness and trying to do minimal harm to others is easier but there are always frustrated moments where that can slip. For all the Be Kind Always rhetoric which I do subscribe to – it can be hard to be all light and love at all times. I think it’s okay to try to be the best you can be and acknowledge when you haven’t been. I’m no saint, I can assure you (and there you were thinking I was).

I have moments I’m not proud of myself. I enjoy funny gossip as much as the next person or venting because a colleague has pissed me off – this can lead to a lot of negative language. I actually think I’m funnier when I’m ripping someone a new one which might be arguable to everyone else. It’s not a good quality but it is a part of who I am and I’m working on it.

Really what I’m trying to say is that being a decent person is one thing but we’re all human with flaws. We’re not always on and it’s okay not to be. We fuck up all the time but the general idea is to intentionally not be a dickhead. I remind myself of this a lot when I am behaving like a dickhead. 

So, while I might not be manifesting the future I want for myself as much as I should be or practicing the candle magic I promised myself, I am trying to weave Wicca into the fabric of my everyday life. I have a lot of work do, there’s no question about that and guess what? I have the time. 

How are you?

Featured image by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mfarnold2572 says:

    OMG this dust thing is a pain in my butt!!!! I (if had the energy) could dust every day and by nights end it would be back. UGH!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christa Bass says:

    Well I’m glad it’s not just me! xoxo


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